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Explorer Lunar Buggy for Space Engineers

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Published by wellington6012 (mod ID: 984025)


Explorer Lunar Buggy – lightweight lunar scout rover

This lightweight, nimble buggy is ideal for short scouting missions with cargo capacity to carry modest amounts of goods. Based on the Explorer Buggy, this variant has a O2/H2 generator and enclosed cockpit for operations in a vacuum environment. Three axel, six wheel-drive provides power, all terrain stability & maneuverability.

General Information:

  • ore detection with antenna broadcast
  • 50000km beacon
  • 8x 50kWh battery bank, 500kWh reactor
  • 2x3375Ltr medium cargo containers
  • turret mount (defensive) gatling gun, can fire 600rpm 25x138 NATO ammo

Cockpit (or specified) Inventory Items (when pasted in creative):

  • Elite rifle
  • basic grinder
  • 10x magazines 5.56x45mm NATO
  • 1x O2 bottle, 1x Hydro bottle
  • 3x power kit
  • 2x medkit
  • 5x magazines 25x138 NATO

Requirements/other info:
None – Vanilla

Hephaestus Prime

I’m relatively new to Space Engineers and decided to document my journey through the Space Engineers universe and share my experiences via a YouTube channel. These blueprints contain some of the vehicles and other items I’ve created for my build on the earth like planet of Hephaestus Prime. YouTube link: Hephaestus Prime Playlist




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