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EXO - Basilisk for Space Engineers

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Published by BeniStingray (mod ID: 123673)



Welcome to the EXO Basilisk - Designed as a lightly armed exploration ship with base functionality, a hangar bay with ramp and the capabilty to operate in all enviroments


Mods: No
Scripts: No
DLC: The first two decorative DLC's are required

Shipclass: Cruiser
Roles: Exploration, Provide base functionality
Environment: All
Crew: 1-3


  • Mass: 1'400'022 Kg
  • PCU: 19'218
  • Block Count: 1'841 (Blueprint shows 5'467 because of the projector + projector table)
  • Non-armour Blocks: 637
  • Grids: 2

Weapon & Support Systems:

  • 5 Gatling Turrets
  • 11 Interior Turrets
  • 6 Rocket Launchers
  • Refinery (2 speed modules and 2 yield modules)
  • Assembler (2 speed modules)
  • 2 O2/H2 Generators
  • 6 Oxygen Farms
  • 2 Oxygen Tanks
  • 2 Hydrogen Tanks
  • 2 Hydrogen Engines
  • 1 Medical Room
  • 4 Cryo Chambers
  • 2 Jumpdrives (Range 3'571 Km)
  • Projector
  • Gravity Generator
  • Remote Control
  • 2 Small Reactors
  • 6 Solar Panels


  • Internal hangar bay (6*7*3 blocks) with connector and ramp for a rover or small ship (non-pressurized)
  • Big glass cockpit with excellent view
  • External access to storage (At both side airlocks and both wings)
  • Projector to make repairs easier (Turned off for better performance)
  • Hydrogen thrusters can be turned off in space so the ship runs only on ion thusters (Warning: Low thrust, use only in zero-g)
  • Airlocks with automated depressurization to conserve oxygen
  • All doors have sensors and open/close automatic
  • Cameras (Forwards, downwards and hangar)
  • Pressurized bridge with room for 3 engineers, crew quarters and sitting area for briefings and cooking
  • Ship can be boarded without jetpack (Stairs on both side airlocks and button below the ship to lower the ramp)
  • Navigation lights (Based on the same layout as SpaceX and Boeing)
  • Forward facing spotlights


Because hotkeys dont seem to safe as they should i suggest to setup these hotkeys:

  • Rocket Launchers
  • Advanced Rotor Left (Reverse) (For the ramp to open and close)
  • Jump Drive (Jump)
  • Camera Forwards (View)
  • Camera Downwards (View)
  • Camera Hangar (View)
  • Navigation Lights (On/Off)
  • Gatling Turrets (On/Off)
  • Interior Turrets (On/Off)
  • Hydrogen Thrusters (On/Off)
  • Hydrogen Engines (On/Off)
  • Projector (On/Off)

Planned features:

  • Build a mining rover to go with it





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YandereChan21 @bronybrother

Very good for survival at xbox ๐Ÿ‘

chickencoolness @chickencoolness

why does it say "Items can only be download in-game."
someone help please

SoCalLoco619 @socalloco619

love the ship man great job now if only i can figure out how to accsess the crafting portion i would be set lol

BeniStingray @benistingray

Thanks, there are two 2 small cargo containers, one in each wing, then 2 small cargo containers in the hangar bay on the left and right side, 2 more just beside the ladders and the inventory is also accessible via the hydrogen tank behind the cockpit.
If you play on Xbox you can open the inventory of the things i listed and then press the right stick down, then its shows you the inventory's of all connected systems like the assembler or rafinery.

Majorbash15 @majorbash15

Very xbox friendly ship. Love it.

BeniStingray @benistingray

Thanks, glad you like it.