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ESA ARIANE 5 JWST for Space Engineers

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Published by DrMCK4Y (mod ID: 1715204)



Hello and welcome back to my builds this is my ESA ARIANE 5 James Webb Space Telescope build this build is a 1to1 scale that is 90% auto to space its can be controlled with the remote access and the final stage is a little klangy please feel free to watch the YouTube showcase for the breakdown of the build and how to fly it but here's a quick step by step guild on how to fly.

1. blueprint the rocket in

2. on back left of tower there is 3 buttons press green to close fairing yellow to detach fuel lines and red to lift off

3. once lift of has happened got to remote access to control the rocket via camera's

4. after 1st stage core sep and 2nd stage core sep you will lose remote connection but don't panic just go back into the menu and establish the remote access again

5. after 1st stage sep the rocket will start to tumble around due to a small klang drive this is where you need to pilot straight to JWST deployment

i hope this helps but if not go over to my youtube channel and watch the showcase thanks for download have fun cheers.

Built By Dr MCK4Y




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VentralFaun26 @ventralfaun26

Do you think for your next project you could make the rocket that sent the Cassini space probe to Saturn and incorporate satellite and a cockpit into the build? The rocket that took Cassini to Saturn (Titan IVB/Centaur) is one of my favorites and so interesting. It would be awesome to see in space engineers!