Space Engineers

Eadu Research Facility for Space Engineers

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Published by Holland82212 (mod ID: 983250)


Eadu is a secret Imperial installation that specializes in power generation research for both it's military sector.

Specifically in weapons R&D.

This base is separated into 2 sectors, Military and Research.

It can house up to 12 TIEs and a Battalion of troops.

The exterior is dotted with point defense turbolaser batteries as well as a massive turbolaser tower

The research done here is highly top secret and must be protected at all costs.

Word is, There is a special project code named Star Dust that ***** significantly increase the Empires' fortunes 100 fold in this war.

If you're lucky enough to be stationed here, best try not to poke around too much.

Special notes ( Unfortunately I forgot that Petram has a greater gravitational pull so the fighters wont fly. However the hanging racks are completely functional.

The base is completely connected through a series of elevators and staircases.

There is also an alarm system activated in the 1st floor security office. )

Thank you and hope you enjoy!


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