Space Engineers

EDF 227-Barracuda for Space Engineers

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Published by SilverViperZULU (mod ID: 1542844)



A fighter capable of all the vanilla planet atmospheres at a full load of weapon ammo and fuel

this fighter uses a unique form of control seat concealment which allows the quick access to the seat

controls in the seat allow a near complete control of the systems in the fighter

seat menu V1: conceal control seat and remote control

Remote control menu

  • Panel 1: Conceal pilot seat, camera, weapon systems
  • panel 2: thrusters, bomb groups, fuel injectors(leave on)

fighter info

  • PCU: 6322
  • blocks: 1145
  • thrusters: 29
  • estimated mass: 50k kg
  • armor specs: light
  • maneuverability: moderate
  • faction class: EDF
  • Grid ownership: (Auto set neutral)
  • refueling port: located rear underside of fighter
  • Back up access: top rear of the fighter

Let me know in the comments how i did or what i can improve upon so that i may better suit the needs of the community and better the quality of future publishing

Do not redistribute this build or repost in any way shape or form unless it is set to private use only. Any posts made in regards to the redistribution of this fighter must come with explicit permission from the owner. Reposts or changes made to this fighter without said permission above will result in a post removal and negative background.




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