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Denorios Class Mining Station for Space Engineers

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Published by DARKxASSASSIN22 (mod ID: 97536)


Thank you for choosing the Denorios Class Mining Station

This station has literally everything you could possibly need for survival. It has oxygen generators, oxygen tanks and oxygen farms (for those really desperate times when you just cant find any bloody ice lol).

This is not a battlestation. It has light defenses, including gatling and missile turrets and is made of light armor except for a few areas like the mining arm and hangar deck.

Included in this station is a gravitic hallway that leads from the middle section to the main bridge and the mining arm control center. Just press the button for the direction you want to go and then enter the tube. A gravity generator will be activated to allow you to walk to the area you need to go to.

As stated before, the mining arm and hangar deck are both made of heavy armor, due to the high risk of impact in those areas.

Ejecting trash is easy with the Denorios. Open the inventory and filter the right side to "trash". Use the left side to scroll through the inventories of the station and simply hit A on any unwanted items and they will be ejected into space safely away from the station. Specifically, in the direction of the mining arm.

Lastly, ive left the station painted clean white. Personally, i like it. Feel free to change it.

I hope you enjoy this mining station. I have certainly enjoyed building it. If anything breaks, and you believe it to be a design flaw, let me know in the comments or send me a message. My gamertag is DARKxASSASSIN22




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