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{Deluxe Starter Base} for Space Engineers

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Published by Brohammerinc (mod ID: 99467)



This is the Deluxe Sarter Base!

A few of the Systems and Blueprints used in this build are listed below.

Sorting Systems:

This Base utilizes the sorting system blueprint below.

This basic sorting system allows you to sort and store basically any resources or items a engineer may need.

Check out the separate blueprint for more information.

Mining Hanger:

The Mining Hangar ports are all connected to the advanced sorting system allowing you to store all mined resources quickly and efficiently.

The Mining Hanger currently has two vehicles with an attachment for a Third.

Vehicle Blueprints listed below.

General Storage Hanger:

The General Storage Hanger is also connected to the main Sorting System allowing you to grab ammunition or other items on the Fly.

Three vehicles are currently available and docked in the General Storage Hanger.

Vehicle Blueprints listed below.

Rover Hanger:

The Rover hanger currently supports one utility vehicle. It has one mining connector allowing quick drop-off of mining resources for any ground vehicles. It also supports Three General storage connectors designed for land vehicles.

The basic setup of the hangers allows for easy redesign of connector positioning and conveyors.

Vehicle Blueprint listed below.

Other Facilities include:

Medical Bay, Command Center, Engineering Room and The Shipyard.

The Shipyard has a small block connector and projector making a easy connection point to begin building small block Ships.

The projector is displaying a blueprint for a small easy to build Survival Recon craft.

Projection Blueprint listed below.

The Base is Pressurized except for the engineering room but most Vehicles would have to be slightly modified for a environment lacking a atmosphere.

The base is decently suited for high-altitude environments although some of the vehicles may perform sluggish at extreme altitudes.
This being said the base is equipped with a gravity generator that can be turned on and off.

Recommended placing near a location with hydrogen as an available Resource.

You may also add a windmill farm if you feel like using wind energy to power the base.

If you've gotten this far and and you've enjoyed the build please add a like or feel free to comment and provide any feedback!

If you find any bugs or problems with the build please directly message me.

A special thank you and mention to the creators of the vehicles that are used in this build. Each one of them was unique and well put together!

An extra special thank you to Mad-Catcher as I have used quite a few of his builds. Definitely check out his blueprints he has quite a few of unique and extremely well put together blueprints.

GT- Brohammer Inc
Discord- !Brohammer_Inc#6011




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DarthFugue @darthfugue


I had some problems, with the DSB, when I was spawning it, onto the map: "The Blueprint is WAY TOO BIG -- Preview Mode is DISABLED", as a result (making placing the facility an INTERESTING Challenge -- as I had NO WAY OF KNOWING WHICH END WAS "UP"! I must've made OVER A DOZEN ATTEMPTS, BEFORE FINALLY STICKING THE LANDING!)

Also: what's the purpose behind the "pillars", beneath the DSB?

When I was finally able to get the DSB onto the Map, these pillars kept the DSB from resting properly, with the map (the ramp, for the ground vehicles, was a good "5-10 Blocks ABOVE THE GROUND", as a result of these pillars!) What am I missing, here?

All things considered, I enjoyed exploring the DSB, but (because of these problems) I cannot use it, in its current state!

I'll stay Subscribed, on the off chance that there will be something, in the future, that'll help with these problems!

It's still a cool build... I just cannot use it (as it is), right now!

BadJacob08 @badjacob08

Used it as a second base turned it into a mobile one thanks dude

HollywoodOKC @hollywoodokc

Sweet base man, using it as my corporate HQ.

Brohammerinc @brohammerinc

Much appreciated I'm glad it's being put to good use!