Space Engineers

Corruption: PvE Combat (Legacy Version) for Space Engineers

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Published by Meridius_IX/Lucas (mod ID: 687460)



This mod uses Server-Side Scripting. It will only run on a Dedicated Server.


This mod adds aggressive and difficult NPC Drone Encounters that spawn in Space to your game. Many of the drones can use abilities and tricks that are not available to the player (longer range weapons, hacking grid systems via active antennas, etc). It is not recommended to use this mod if you are starting in Space. Planets (excluding moons) are often considered safe areas from these encounters.

Because this mod doesn't utilize the Modular Encounters Spawner or RivalAI, I am able to upload it as a stand-alone package. However, there are some encounters that had to be removed because they do not work with Server Only scripts.

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This mod requires the following settings enabled to work on Xbox:

- Dedicated Server
- In-Game Scripting
- Cargo Ships
- High PiratePCU value

Special Thanks

Huge thanks to Whiplash141 for providing code that allows much better drone maneuvers in natural gravity!

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mattcapiche @mattcapiche

Can confirm that this works on dedicated servers. Can also confirm that I got absolutely wrecked for being unprepared!
Added so much fun to the game already

CrackerTech @xxmrchezitxx

Its so annoying that no one uses this stuff

CrackerTech @xxmrchezitxx

The only servers they are is just kids screwing around with SE Server provider and they are ALWAYS empty

MASTERCHEIFbra @mastercheifbra

Can you share a link on how to add mods to a nitrado xbox server otherwise no one on xbox knows how to install it due to nitrado not making it easy

pwningthenoob @pwningthenoob

Nitrado has not yet enabled mods on their servers nor will provide an ETA as to when they will. For this reason I have moved all of my servers to GTXGaming and have had nothing but a great experience.

Meridius_IX/Lucas @meridius-ixlucas

I'm not familiar with their control panel, so I can't help you there. It sounds like most providers haven't quite nailed down supporting yet.

I was able to install mods on a GTX server, but it did require manually editing the config text files to add the mods.

Meridius_IX/Lucas @meridius-ixlucas

Mod was updated to address some issues with deserialization errors that were appearing.

Westwood1812 @westwood1812

Can you please ad the air traffic control mod and the surface occupation mod

Meridius_IX/Lucas @meridius-ixlucas

I've added a link to a post I made on my Discord server a few weeks ago relating to the Modular Encounters Collection and Xbox.

DigiToss @digitoss

They will not work on Xbox, as they use MES, which is all heavy client side scripts.

AgentZer045 @agentzer045

How do I add this to my dedicated server? I knew I should've just bought a PC.

Meridius_IX/Lucas @meridius-ixlucas

I've haven't been a server admin for quite a long time, so I'm not entirely sure of the process. I'd recommend joining KeenSWH's Discord server, they have some channels dedicated to server administration and would likely be able to point you in the right direction.

GrizzlyBear1995 @grizzlybear1995

I need a bit of help is there a tutorial or something i can watch or read to get this to work i tried adding it as a mod on my dedicated server with scripts enable and it wouldnt let me join my server it said the scripts were not supported??? Please any help much appreciated.

TheSepticStorm @thesepticstorm

Sure. Msg me on discord. SepticStorm#5219 ill walk u through it.

TheSepticStorm @thesepticstorm

Meridius_IX/Lucas added this to my server.... ive yet to see any corruption. Just pirates. The server was already in progress when it was added... does that make a difference.

Kwebblekop2672 @kwebblekop2672

How do i make. A dedicated server

TROJANchamp1 @santiago-miranda

You have to buy a server through nitrado

Kwebblekop2672 @kwebblekop2672

Oh, ok ty

TROJANchamp1 @santiago-miranda

How do you add mods on dedicated servers?

Sharpy1302 @sharpy1302

Thank you, can't wait to try this out!!