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Chrysalis Mk-5 for Space Engineers

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Published by superbadgermilk (mod ID: 597490)


Update 2/1/20: added 2 hydrogen engines, 3 small cargo containers, 20 solar panels, fixed some conveyors that weren't connected and made a few cosmetic changes.

This ship is a heavily modified version of the OII Chrysalis made by TvzLuigi123.

This is an updated version of my Chrysalis Mk-2. Has all ion thrusters and almost all heavy armor, more weapons, more storage containers but less hydrogen storage, more batteries, enough solar panels to run everything but thrusters, and an overall better look.

This ship has PCU: ~40000 Blocks: ~3900 Non Armor Blocks: ~1000 Mass: ~12500000 Kg. 84 batteries, 33 airtight hanger doors, 22 sliding doors, 2 hydrogen engines, 2 hydrogen tanks, 4 small hydrogen tanks, 4 oxygen tanks, 548 conveyors, ** gatling turrets, 6 missle turrets, 102 gyroscopes, 161 ion thrusters, 35 large ion thrusters, 4 jump drives (~800 km range), 4 landing gear, 3 merge blocks (bottom), 10 O2/H2 generator, 4 assemblers (2 power efficiency module each), 2 refineries (4 yield modules each), 8 air vents, 2 antennas, 3 control seats, 2 cryo chambers, 2 medical rooms, 1 large reactor, 1 ore detector, 1 projectors, 5 large cargo containers, 12 small cargo containers, 20 solar panels.

Front section is a hanger bay measuring W5*H3*L12 large blocks with 3 hinged doors(2 side,1 front) measuring W5*H3 and 2 connectors on the floor. I usually keep my Bison Mk-2 on the front connector and a RCSP - V207 Interplanetary Fighter (made by Venom415) on the rear connector.

Cannot function in atmosphere but I am working on a Chariot to carry it around in atmosphere.









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