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Chonk Corvette Mk3 for Space Engineers

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Published by CraftyShadower (mod ID: 1714905)



The improved version of the original Dragonfly is more maneuverable, and has improved gun mounts to allow the forwards turrets more survival in combat. The mark two was discontinued during assembly due to issues with it's speed as a result of sloppy design implementations, and later was replaced by the much more advanced mark three. In battle, the Dragonfly seeks to overcome it's enemies with better speed and survivability capabilities versus most vessels of it's size - often drawing away escorts' fire as it seems to particularly irritate larger vessels. Despite this, it's intended role was as an anti-fighter escort that was cheap and easy to produce (much like most UMC-developed ships), which it still does well in, often in less hectic battles. Overall, the Dragonfly is an all-rounder, with skill in nearly every form of engagement it features in.

This vessel adheres to the guidelines of the UMC corporation - corvettes must be within 25 blocks of length and must feature no more than 5 gun mounts

Pilots of this vessel are advised by UMC Command to fly as recklessly as required to dish out as much damage as possible




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