Space Engineers

CAMPONOTUS for Space Engineers

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Published by SoulStorm™ (mod ID: 821368)


Thank you for choosing the Camponotus crawling transport vehicle.

While its slow this vehicle can reach greater distances as any alternative vehicles thanks to its low energy consuming "legs". Completely vanila. No mods or scripts needed.

Fully automated crawling mechanism capable to forward and backward directions. You can control from the pilot seat. Pressing the 1 button twice the vehicle goes backwards. The 2 button makes the vehicle to a complete halt.

Power :

Hydrogen powered batteries. Low energy consuming driving method.

Cargo :

Two medium sized cargo containers.

Comfort :

The primary objective for the vehicle was getting capable to transport any goods from great distances with the least weight and energy consumption possible so it has limited comfort but it's equipped with an ore detector for detecting rare minerals.

Have fun!





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