Space Engineers

~{BURLAPFLESH}~ Annihilus One for Space Engineers

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Published by BurlapFlesh (mod ID: 1980134)



Heavy, Slow, and Bulky. This ship is very versatile, and not much else. It was a proof of concept that I let sit, but retro-fitted to use artillery, and ram in to other people's stuff and annihilate them. Has escape pod, and it only opens from the inside. ***** be used as a base, if immobile. It is DESIGENED TO BREAK ALL THRUSTERS AFTER PROLONGED USE. Escape pod was my favorite bit, even though this was a huge waste of my Cobalt and Uranium.

Credit to: BurlapFlesh on Xbox

BurlapBones for helping me with measurements and keeping me sane over the ~140 hours this took




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