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Assault Weapons Pack for Space Engineers

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". . . and from the blackest night, fire and steel protect us all."

v1.59: SEVEN new weapons, Warfare 2 VFX, and over 100 modernizations, optimizations, bugfixes, etc.

Gatling guns and missile launchers are weapons of a bygone age. Their firepower is bleak, and their combat rigidity mandates any adopting vessel to inherit crippling design flaws. Countless engineers like yourself and I require effective weapons to fight and survive in this universe.

Introducing the Assault Weapons Pack! Featuring more than two dozen armored turrets, as well as many fixed cannons, the Assault Weapons Pack provides engineers with a deadly arsenal to unleash upon the battlefield. Field multiple rotary autocannons to face down your adversaries in close combat, or unleash a firestorm of flak artillery to block hostile missile barrages. Gun down smaller vessels with light artillery turrets, or overwhelm battleships with swarms of burst missiles. If your opponents are packing heat, arm yourself with a variety of heavy turreted batteries. Go big or go home with a pair of experimental weapons, each guaranteed to punch holes in any opposing vessel.

Features & Notes:

  • Assault Weapons Pack does not override any vanilla values, change any vanilla properties, nor conflict with any basic weapon mods. AWP makes use of unique Subtype IDs.
  • Each weapon has its respective ammo type listed in its description. All ammo types can be manufactured in the full-sized assembler.
  • Full LOD models.
  • Full construction models
  • Full block skin support.
  • Under active development! More weapons and weapon types will be released as they are completed.

Made with assistance from:

  • Digi - SBCs, collisions
  • enenra - collisions, mirroring, mountpoints, block skins, SEUT
  • Kreeg - SBCs, subparts, block skins
  • Spacebar - subparts
  • Many other modders on the KeenSWH Discord - mesh textures, collisions

Additional thanks to:

  • Alec R. - Russian Localization
  • Rhodor - One very cursed audio file.

This is an upload duplicate of my Assault Weapons Pack found on the Steam Workshop. All models within this mod are copyrighted to me, and any reuploads of Assault Weapons Pack are strictly forbidden! See the Workshop page for full information.
Uploading blueprints (ships, stations, etc) which use weapons from this mod is allowed without my permission.

If there are any bugs, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I am not an Xbox player, and thus am unable to test any of my mods on the Xbox version.
















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Naia_VR @naia-vr

are you going to add more things to this mod?

SimplyRemo @simplyremo

Having an issue on a xbox server where the weapons aren’t shooting unless told too manually via the control panel, they all work perfectly fine in a private world however, this only applies to turreted weapons the fixed weapons are perfectly fine, we’ve tried having the mod higher up in the list like how some of Flares mods require but still no luck, any suggestions or is this a bug?

HarbingerAce @harbingerace

This is a known issue on dedicated servers. Turrets have to be told to shoot once before they will automatically target anything.
Hosted worlds do not exhibit this issue, which is why you cannot replicate it in your private worlds.

WiseOakDakota @wiseoakdakota

Would you ever do a weapons pack with energy weapons? You are one of the few reliable modders for the Xbox version of the game and would love to see what you come up with

HarbingerAce @harbingerace

I could probably fake energy weapons using the new Warfare II VFX, but I cannot do anything not already allowed by the vanilla system. That would require client-side scripting, which not only does not work on Xbox, but is outside my experience.

Any energy weapons I make will be in a separate pack; AWP will remain focused on vanilla-like weapons.

BeniStingray @benistingray

Great mod all in all, was my main weapon pack for a long time but its a bit outdated now for Xbox. With all the dlc's and other mods we have weapon ranges up to 2000m and all the weapons of this pack only have 800m so its sadly pretty useless for me.
Also as others have noted the pcu costs are pretty high for the limited amount we have available on xbox.
Would love to use it again if it gets updated.

HarbingerAce @harbingerace

DLCs do not add any new weapons other than visual analogues.
Other mods are subject to the balance rules of their authors; my balance rule is to keep the spirit of vanilla combat alive. Thusly, I do not give extreme targeting ranges to turrets, nor overpowered ammunition.
The 800mm targeting range is only the automated range. All turrets can target further using the Copy Target function, just like vanilla turrets.
PCU is balanced similarly to Keen's system, with more powerful weapons costing more. This is intended to force smart play.

PlaneYard896738 @planeyard896738

I love your mod. But their is one problem for xbox players and that is the pcu cost for every weapon. I know your trying to keep it balanced but it is hard to make massive ships because we don't have enough pcu. I think their is a easy way to fix this and that is make a xbox version. Were all weapon cost 1 pcu. Again I love of your mod but this is a problem for us xbox players if you could please fix it that would help all xbox and especially servers

HarbingerAce @harbingerace

I'd be curious how massive you mean.
Assault Weapons Pack has its PCU balanced around Keen's values, so AWP has similar limitations; weapons with superior firepower have correspondingly-higher PCU. However, if Xbox is truly that restrictive, I'd be happy to take another look.

PlaneYard896738 @planeyard896738

Xbox is petty restrictive when it comes to pcu to decently sized ships filled it up easy with just battle cannons and turret and with your mod we cap fully. Your a great mod and build this would just make my life easy. On a sidenote are you ever upload Eternity advent to the workshop?

HarbingerAce @harbingerace

After cross-referencing vanilla PCU values with Assault Weapons Pack, I must ultimately conclude that Keen probably had no idea what they were doing when they balanced vanilla guns; the values make zero sense.

AWP will be rebalanced next update. I'm not reducing them to 1, but there is going to be a 50% reduction average across the board.

HoundTheRed @houndthered

First off, love this mod. Adds much needed capital-class weaponry that I've always felt were missing.

Second, I do have a question / concern. Is there any way to have the turrets be able to target out to the associated weapon system's maximum distance? Reason being is to prevent a player from manually aiming a fixed weapon down range at a base or ship belonging to a logged-out player or AI entity and absolutely trashing them without that player/NPC being able to respond. Haven't had that happen yet but I've come to the realization that it's a very real possibility.

Again, excellent mod.

HarbingerAce @harbingerace

Unfortunately, the nature of SE weapons means this cannot be prevented. Even vanilla weapons exhibit the same issue.

Gedinian @gedinian

the 1500mm marco battery is op

Hexatut91 @hexatut91

Loving this mod, the models are excellent. Thank you for all the effort put in. That said, playing on a server we’ve been having some issues with the turrets acquiring a target a firing upon said target from time to time. Usually end up grinding the weapon off and replacing it which seems to fix it for a time. Any ideas what’s causing it?

HarbingerAce @harbingerace

Can you elaborate on the issue? Your current wording sounds like intended behavior. Are they locking onto a target that does not exist?

Basilisk013 @basilisk013

400mil cannons aren't doing damage, but rest appear to be working fine. On a private world, xbox one

HarbingerAce @harbingerace

This is a weird issue a few Xbox players report. However, this is not consistent; most players I hear from, and all of my testers, have no issues with 400mm turrets.
If I can find a possible cause, I'll definitely fix it.

Basilisk013 @basilisk013

I'm embarrassed to admit I found out why... I had missile friendly fire off and was shooting at a connected grid. Separated the target grid from the gun and it worked like a charm.

Turbo94Snake @turbo94snake

The mod is definitely a must have honestly probably one of the best weapon mod I've used

HarbingerAce @harbingerace

Great to hear! I hope you continue to enjoy!