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Ares Colony Dome for Space Engineers

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Ares Colony Dome

This is the basic Dome I built for my Ares Colony base on Mars, prior to filling it with infrastructure, habitation, and amenities. It is airtight and will pressurize with enough vents and oxygen supply.

If welding in survival mode, requires 257,577 glass and 87,942 girders, along with some steel plate for the floor and a handful of construction components for lights.


Ares Colony

Hello Space Engineers and welcome to Ares Colony! This is the second season of my journey though the Space Engineers universe, having completed the first season on the Earth-Like planet of Hephaestus Prime. Come join me as I attempt to survive the challenges the red planet throws at me, eventually heading into orbit, the Europa moon, in preparation for travelling onwards to distant worlds. YouTube link: Ares Colony Playlist




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