Space Engineers

Arcadia City Build for Space Engineers

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Published by Chains5 (mod ID: 1332916)


A Universe full of Streets!!! Used this guys work to build upon.
If you just want the roads download this

This is a huge project and is testing my computers limits xd
Dont sub if you have a potato as this will more than likely crash your PC

Buildings to come

- College and sixth form to be completed (outer shell is done)
- Police station with working jails
- Various blocks of flats
- poorer neighbourhood
- Mountainside houses (posh)
- Bus stops
- Gas station and services outside of town

Stuff done

- EOS dealership
- Bus depot
- Xeno commercial labs
- corner shop
- posher houses
- Afvare supermarket
- Little stories dotted about

You will need these as steam wouldnt let me put it on required

It is a world addition so everything should download automatically and you probably wont need any of the DLC but I thought I would add them to be safe




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