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AQD - Conveyor Expansion for Space Engineers

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Published by enenra9 (mod ID: 1331748)




This mod adds several new conveyor tube shapes, as well as armored versions of all conveyor tubes to the game, allowing you more freedom when designing your conveyor systems. It also adds other miscellaneous conveyor-related blocks, such as the Conveyor Access, which is a half-block of the size of an air vent that allows you to access your cargo network without having to place a cargo container.

New Conveyor ShapesThe mod currently adds the following new conveyor shapes:

  • Conveyor T Junction
  • Conveyor X Junction
  • Conveyor Tube Junction
  • Conveyor Endcap
  • Conveyor Tube 5x1
  • Conveyor Adapter (Small Grid)

Armored ConveyorsFurthermore, the mod contains armored versions of all conveyor tube shapes:

  • Conveyor Tube
  • Conveyor Corner
  • Conveyor T Junction
  • Conveyor X Junction

Miscellaneous Conveyor Blocks

  • Conveyor Access - It allows for easy access of the conveyor system without having to place a cargo container and only taking up a half block's space.
  • Conveyor Air Vent - Same functionality as the vanilla air vent but mounted onto a full conveyor junction block.


General notes

  • Green / Yellow indicators for connectivity are iffy. This is unfortunately a limitation within Keen's emissive code that only supports up to two connections for conveyor tubes.
  • I will add additional blocks to the pack but I'm as of now not comitting to adding additional conveyor shapes. I've got some ideas there but I think what I've got in now covers most use cases and at some point, adding too many shapes will make using all of them more annoying.
  • The conveyors are only for large grid. I don't currently have plans to make versions for small grid.

Mod usage

  • Please do not upload any alternative version of this mod without receiving permission from me first.


  • Archan79 - For fixing the mess that was my initial tube junction model.





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TenableTarget @tenabletarget

Hey, with this mod installed the new Industrial Large Cargo container seems to disappear from the build wheel

BloodCrossJ96 @bloodcrossj96

Ya having same problem

ZarronFarwalker @zarronfarwalker

They don't show up in the builder wheel