Space Engineers

APU mk1 for Space Engineers

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Published by SN1PERACT1VE (mod ID: 2055780)



An armoured personnel unit, based on the APU from the Matrix. A small grid, walking mech, armed with gattling guns that use the custom turret controller. To walk, make sure the legs are offset, then use the walk command and lean the mech forward by about 5 degrees.

Uranium and ammo can be loaded into the medium cargo container behind the control seat, the chains will feed the guns.


Page 1

Up: Pilot cover up/down

Down: Reactors on/off

Left: Antenna on/off

Right: Lights on/off

Page 2

Up: Walk on/off

Right: Leg offset

Page 3

Up: Guns up/down

Left: Use left turret

Right: Use right turret

Survival ready, PCU 6300, blocks 402.




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