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Age of Empires II - Trebuchet for Space Engineers

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Published by Mad-Catcher (mod ID: 1339501)


An attempt to replicate the trebuchet from the game Age of Empires II, something I wanted to build after building another trebuchet.

This trebuchet is a complex assembly of hinged and rotored parts to get as close as possible to the original look and the features of the legendary superior siege weapon, like the ability to rotate the weapon, to build (manually) large warheads and launch them at a minimal distance of 300 meters or simply build small things and launch them for fun.

- Unlike the trebuchet from the original game, this one cannot be converted into a wheeled package.
- Gears are just decorative elements instead of being fully functional to avoid the trebuchet being stuck while rotating.


Purpose: idk
Script/mod: 0
PCU: 11.5k
Blocks: 2225
Weight: 401.5t
Range: >300 meters
Environment: planets with 1G.


- Small/Big grid projectile switch
- Rotative launcher (~270° clearance)

How to use:

  • Land the trebuchet gently on flat ground.
  • Press one of the buttons near the steering wheel to lock the trebuchet on the ground.
  • Press the launch button to launch the warhead.
  • Put a new warhead to the small rotor head.
  • Configure the timer block in the terminal by setting all warheads on "arm on/off"
  • Launch
  • Reset
  • Rearm

Or simply watch the video

Known issues:

- Warheads won't explode all the time if rotor heads are fully built.
- The back may be damaged a bit when launching large grid warheads.


          ^           ^          ^          ^          ^         
         [1]         [5]        [9]        [13]       [17]         
LS+A <[2]   [3]> <[6]   [7]> <[10][11]> <[14][15]> <[18][19]> LS+B
         [4]         [8]        [12]       [16]       [20]         
          V           V          V          V          V         


  1. 1->9
  2. 10->18
  3. 19->27

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Brilliantly excellent!

TORGMASTER @torgmaster

wow very good Trabuchet!!!