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ACI Sentry Corvette Vanilla for Space Engineers

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k_medlock has given me permission to upload my favorites from his (ACI) collection. These are uploaded so I can use them with my friends but are available for anyone. Be sure to give credit to the original if you make edits.

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ACI Sentry Class Corvette, produced by Ares Combat Industries

The long awaited replacement for the aging ACI Defender MKII Class Corvette has been released and it is already replacing the aging corvettes in existing Fleets of the Republic of Orion. The old Defender has been built with extremely heavy materials and therefore was not able to be highly maneuverable, nor could it land on planetary environments. ACI changed all that with its new Sentry Class. The Sentry is roughly 400k kilograms lighter than its predecessor and does what a corvette can do best, patrolling territory and escorting larger ships. ACI even managed to add Self-Repairing Weapon Systems (SRWS) into the limited hull of the ship, which means that the warship is able to stay in combat for an even longer period of time.

Ship Details

Name: Sentry
Class: Corvette
Mass: 732,604 kg
Block Count: 916
Length: 77.5 m
Height: 17.5 m
Width: 27.5 m
Area of Operation: All Environments
Thruster Acceleration Forward: 14.29 m/s/s
Thruster Acceleration Upward in 1g: 2.47 m/s/s

Weapons and Systems

1 Rocket Launcher
4 Gatling Turrets
1 Interior Turret
2 Cryo Chambers
6 Oxygen Generators
1 Remote Control
1 Jumpdrive
1 Gravity Generator

Special Features

Self-Repairing Weapon Systems (SRWS)
2 Weapon modes (Attack Mode On/ Attack Mode Off)

Ares Combat Industries, “Built to Serve.”

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Scripts by MMaster and Whiplash141

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