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ACI Redemption Destroyer Vanilla (Decommissioned) for Space Engineers

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k_medlock has given me permission to upload my favorites from his (ACI) collection. These are uploaded so I can use them with my friends but are available for anyone. Be sure to give credit to the original if you make edits. This design is considered outdated, but there is not currently a replacement. Scripts will need updates to work, but the hull works as is.

Original at Steam Workshop::(ACI) Redemption Destroyer (Vanilla) (

ACI Redemption Class Destroyer, produced by Ares Combat Industries

The ACI Redemption Class Destroyer was engineered by Ares Combat Industries to be the workhorse of any fleet. Be it protecting allied forces, hunting down enemies or engaging in heavy broadside combat. Though armor and quite the array of weapons make this ship one of the best ships ever created by ACI in achieving such tasks.

Ship Details

Name: Redemption
Class: Destroyer
Mass: 3.860.119kg
Block Count: 3223

Weapons and Systems

Small Reactors
3 Missile Turrets
8 Gatling Turrets
1 Medical Bay
2 Assemblers
4 Oxygen Generators
1 Remote Control Block
2 Jumpdrives
1 Gravity Generator

-Updated Thumbnail
-Merge Blocks (Docking purposes)

Ares Combat Industries, “Built to Serve.”

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