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(ACI) Castra Landing Pad (LP) for Space Engineers

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k_medlock has given me permission to upload my favorites from his (ACI) collection. These are uploaded so I can use them with my friends but are available for anyone. Be sure to give credit to the original if you make edits.

Original at Steam Workshop::(ACI) Castra Landing Pad (LP) (

ACI Castra Landing Pad, produced by Ares Combat Industries

The Castra Landing Pad is a station that can be used to fulfill a variety of different tasks. The station usually serves as fleet staging ground and command center but can also be used as a refueling depot or outpost for reconnaissance operations or similar activities. The Castra can sustain a small defense force and some heavy equipment. The landing pad is not well equipped against a full-on assault and therefore relies much more on smaller fighter craft and the soldiers to fend off any attackers. However, the Castra is equipped with 4 Gatling turrets.

I know you guys have been waiting for quite some time and I am happy to tell you that I finally finished this project!

Name: Castra
Class: Landing Pad
Mass: 10,159,501 kg
Block Count: 10541
Length: 182.5 m
Height: 65 m
Width: 102.5 m
Area of Operation: Planet, Moon, Asteroid

4 Gatling Turrets

1 Medical Bay
8 Assemblers
12 Refineries
8 Oxygen Generator
1 Gravity Generator
12 Small Reactors
6 Batteries

-Damage Detection System
-12 Landing Pad Connectors
-4 Vehicle Pads
-5 Drone Connectors

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Scripts by MMaster, Whiplash141 and Alysius




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