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ACI Advocator Destroyer Vanilla (retired) for Space Engineers

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k_medlock has given me permission to upload my favorites from his (ACI) collection. These are uploaded so I can use them with my friends but are available for anyone. Be sure to give credit to the original if you make edits. This design is considered outdated, however there currently is no replacement. Scripts will need updates to work, however the hull works as is.

Original at Steam Workshop::(ACI) Advocator Destroyer (Vanilla) (

ACI Advocator Class Destroyer, produced by Ares Combat Industries

The most recent of ACI’s combat ships. The Advocator. This warship has been engineered by Ares to be part destroyer and part carrier. The Advocator can hold up to four small fighter craft in its small hangar with an automated pressurization system. In addition to that the Advocator comes with an advanced decoy system and forward facing rocket launchers to deal extra damage to the enemy.

Ship Details

Name: Advocator
Class: Destroyer
Mass: 5,359,900 kg
Block Count: 4032

Weapons and Systems

5 Missile Turrets
2 Rocket Launchers
6 Gatling Turrets
1 Medical Bay
1 Refinery
2 Assemblers
4 Oxygen Generator
1 Remote Control
2 Jumpdrive
1 Gravity Generator

Ares Combat Industries, “Built to Serve.”

Rating would be much appreciated!

PS.: The Advocator comes with 2 different modes “Attack Mode On” and “Attack Mode Off”. The Advocator has decoys and welders in the front and as a result “Attack Mode On” turns on the welders in the front of the ship, so that the decoys (when damaged) get repaired in order to protect vital systems for a longer period of time, and the ships turrets. “Attack Mode Off” turns off the welders and turrets.

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