Space Engineers

abandond outpost start for Space Engineers

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Published by juggalowolfsta2 (mod ID: 99285)


Alternative Mars start, survival star system,

You bought the coordinate of a dodgy merchant for salvage opportunity of a life time. Only to be left with this rust heap.

Base contains:

1 x small cargo, survival kit, battery,defense turret working and 1 damaged, windows with shutters, security door and airlock. 4 x H2O2 gen. 3 x small H2 tanks, 1 x O2 tank, 2 vents and a small landingpad or rover bay, use orcustomizeas you see fit.

World savecontains

2 xpiratebases that spawn drones just to give some variety.

Merchant is within 10kms

World settings: change if desired

  • 10 xinventory
  • 5 x container inventory
  • 7 km view distance
  • Realistic sounds
  • 5 x grinding welding
  • 10 x efficiency and speed




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