Space Engineers

9343 for Space Engineers

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Published by LastSt4ndHunter (mod ID: 98649)


This metal monstrosity is simpily named '9343' as this number is embedded inside its code, The engineers class this as an "DUO' (Drone of Unknown Origin) along with the others that are similar. All we know is that it is an Alien construct that patrols through space.

The 9343 can be deployed as a mini boss in survival worlds as it carries many valuable resources that would be priceless to capture early game or it could be used to harass other engineers while in admin as they try to survive in space.

Despite very weak structure the armour laughs at hostile attacking fighters and corvettes failing to penetrate this beast. Weaponry shreds through interceptors.

This ship is mearly a freighter. You would not want to see what other momstrocitys the machines produce next.




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